Cape Flats Electrical Company

Having amassed many years working in this industry, our Cape Flats electrical contractors boast of being among the best you can find in the region. For a company that prioritizes professionalism in every aspect of the operations, expect nothing less than a smile after we have completed working on your problem. We are passionate about providing quality electrical work and the tests that our employees undergo in order to be part of our team can attest to that.

electrician cape flats

Electricity problems, whether minor or major, require an expert hand in solving them. If you are faced with any problem, ensure that you contact our technicians for appropriate advice or a precaution measure to implement. We care about our clients hence we would not like you to be exposed to the dangers associated with electricity problems when our specialist electricians in Cape Flats can handle that easily. In addition, our services are insured and we comply with all the requirements implemented by the Electrical Board of South Africa.

Emergency electrical problems are among the most annoying things that can happen at your home, office or industry. We do not want you to waste a lot of time because of electric failures and that is we have a responsive emergency services team to tackle your issues. We are equipped with modern tools capable of handling different tasks ranging from rewiring, fuse board repairs, circuit board fixing, CCTV camera installation and maintenance and large appliance installations. Make all that important call to our electrician Cape Flats and let us handle all the hard tasks for you.

Within the Cape Flats, our electricians cover the following suburbs. 

Wetton * Electric City * Philippi * Lansdowne * Lavender Hill * Samora Micheal * Elsie’s River * Epping * Grassy Park * Gugulethu * Athlone * Belhar *  Pellican Park * Strandfontein * Hanover Park * Kalksteenfontein * Khayelitsha * Langa *Bishop Lavis * Macassar * Blue Downs * Bonteheuwel * Crawford * Delft * Lotus River * Manenberg * Mitchell’s Plain * Nyanga * Ottery