The Process of Power Generation and Consumption

Electricity plays a very pivotal role in the world. We need it to run most of the things in our lives. From industries to life support systems in hospitals, we would be doomed without electrical energy. In the infographic, you will get to learn about the stages of electricity production, from the source up to consumption.

To start with, electricity manufacturing stations are called power plants. This is where the energy is created before being distributed. Different plants use varying sources to produce electric power. We have those that use coal, others natural gas, water, and the wind too.

Once it has been produced, the distribution phase starts right away. From the plant, the electricity will move to the transformers where the voltage is increased. These transformers are connected to long transmission lines which spread throughout a given region. The lines are tasked with transporting the high-voltage of electrical charge to different substations. Here, the voltage is lowered so that it can be distributed through smaller power lines.

These power lines take the energy to small pole-top transformers for further reduction of voltage to levels where it is safe for home consumption. The first place it goes through on reaching the home is the meter reader, which measures the amount consumed by the homeowner. From here it will pass through a service panel that’s normally installed in the basement or garage. The service panel is where all the wiring in the home converges. It has circuit breakers and fuses that prevent overloading. From the panel, it spreads through the wires to different sockets, switches and electrical appliances in the home.

Currently, due to the threat of global warming, people and countries at large are being encouraged to go for eco-friendly energy sources. A good example is solar energy. It is cheaper and more convenient. Installation and maintenance are relatively easy. All you need are solar panels and solar cells. There are no recurring expenses after the panels have been strategically installed on the roof top. No cords, wires, or power sources are required. Mark you, the cells are very durable. Hence you are assured of getting value for your money. Plus, solar energy is renewable and does not pollute the environment. As long as the sun exists, you will always have electricity.

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